Idea consultations and project management
for innovative businesses and startups.
About Buena Idea
Our passion is creating new products and delivering them to the people.
We are happy to get involved into your entrepreneurship endeavour and contribute to it if we consider your idea viable. When you think of your new bright idea getting live - discuss it with us
How we can help
We invest in seed and early stage
Product development
Feedback on the features of the product, elaboration of strategic direction where to dig further and how to prioritize product development.
Milestone shake-up
Monthly check of the product development. Support of founders and management.
Cover more partners
Finding and negotiating with business partners to access target markets.
Taste first revenues
How customers want to buy, what they want to buy and how money comes from your sales - these are key questions any business should have answers to. Buena Idea is ready to help you elaborate viable business model and taste first revenues.
Sales, sales, sales
Sales as a repeatable process - what to do once you started getting growing sales.
Expand to neighboring niches
Getting first revenues from customers, looking around to the neighbour markets for revenue expansion; horizontal and vertical integration.
Software R&D
For software/internet based projects/services we can help you with product architecture and development process.
Engaging the whole market
Getting validation at your target market - customer acceptance versus market acceptance.
When we expand overseas?
Revision of your business plan, contributing to the more global perspective.
Our Ideas
If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to write us.
Our Team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best ideas and to make our clients happy
Andrei Demidov
Founder & Idea Advisor
Andrei invented BuenaIdea. He is the driver of our main goals and values. He has founded first core members of our ProjectHub and helped them to show their unique talents in work process.
Maxim Golinsky
Partner & Investment Advisor
Maxim takes care of everything you can calculate. If you can not figure something out - just leave it to Max. Hundreds of investment projects and dozens of launched start-ups. A real acceleration for your projects.
Kirill Kostenko
Partner & Security Advisor
Kirill is the techgeek of our brand. He spends hours to make our partners feel secure and enjoy communication with latest technologies.
Alexander Gorelik
Partner & Blockchain Advisor
A rare double specialisation as both Product Manager + CTO allows Alex always look deeper and see in more depth.
Andrei Bolgov
Partner & Consulting Advisor
Andrei is the oldest grandfather in our team. During his two-hundred-year career in the investment business, he managed to work in mechanical engineering and bakery. He is perhaps the most advanced specialist in the field of management accounting who can install a heating system for an apartment building.
Sergei Patvakanov
Partner & GR Advisor
Never before has communication processes been so masterfully put into gift wrapping. Sergey does not miss a single detail from careful checking, because in communications at the highest level there are no trifles.
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